The Introductory Level

By joining the Institute, you will be enrolled in My Path to Personal Freedom – a daily action step program. Each weekday you will receive insight and instruction aimed at helping you achieve personal freedom. Small steps are how we dig a new groove in this life. They’re how we create our new normal. Notice yourself feeling increasingly enlightened and emancipated with each passing day.

$4.99 (one time) + $4.99 / month

The Inspiration Level

Choose this level of membership and in addition to the Path to Personal Freedom program, you will receive a monthly newsletter, a 20-30 minute monthly video seminar, and access to all master classes. Each month, new themes will be highlighted, with tips, tools, words of inspiration, and skills-building exercises.

$19.99 (one time) + $19.99 / month

The Incentive Level

Choose the highest level of membership and in addition to the above-mentioned offerings, you will receive a monthly private coaching session.

$39.99 (one time) + $39.99 / month


The Freedom Seminar

$69 / each


1 Session

$125 / each

4 Sessions * Discounted *

$450 / 4 sessions

Other Amount


Master Classes


$20 / each


Feel Good Book

My Feel Good Book

Sizes available
Large is 8½” x 11″
Small is 5½” x 8″
Colors available

Price: $12.99