Personal Freedom Therapy™

What is Personal Freedom?

Personal freedom is a liberated life experience. It’s a state of being in which one is self-determined and self-directed. It is the ability to choose for ourselves and to take action independently of outside forces. The essence of personal freedom is free will. It’s the power to explore, to dream, to self-define, to be who one authentically is and to be unapologetic about it.

It’s a total reality experience. It’s a way of life.

What is Personal Freedom Therapy™?

Personal Freedom Therapy™ is a unique nuts and bolts approach to mental health and wellness. It supports clients in taking charge of their destinies by getting to know themselves, breaking through limitations, and shaping lives of their own design, lives they can feel good about. Personal Freedom Therapy™ empowers and equips. It helps people help themselves.

Inherently positive and proactive, Personal Freedom Therapy™ is shaped by Kingsley’s natural capacity for empowerment and encouragement, as well as her strong clinical background and professional expertise. Solution-focused and tools-based, Personal Freedom Therapy™ is exceptionally effective and gratifying because of its highly interactive, hands-on therapeutic dynamic, one in which clients and counselor actively co-participate in clients’ pursuit of personal freedom.

There exists within each of us a hunger. It’s a hunger for hope. It’s a hunger for purpose and direction. It’s a hunger for wholeness. We want to believe change is possible. We want to believe the best is yet to come. This unique brand of therapy targets our universal desire.

Perhaps you’re stuck in the themes of your past and needing to be released. Maybe you’re held back by limiting thinking and wanting to clean up your belief system. You might be in mid-life, re-evaluating the way you’re living and hoping for a meaningful next chapter. Or perhaps you’re in a relationship, wanting to strike that important balance between autonomy and intimacy within it. Maybe you’re a teenager looking for a stronger sense of self. You might be in a life transition of some kind, wondering what’s coming next. Wherever and whoever you are, you are likely craving freedom, authenticity and independence of character.

Personal Freedom Therapy™ will support you in breaking out and breaking free. It will help you pave the way to newfound freedom and the life you were meant to live. You were born with passion and purpose. You were born with the potential to decide for yourself. You were born with the right to choose. And where there is choice, there is freedom.

Personal Freedom Therapy™: a unique brand of therapy offering exceptional counseling with exceptional results.