About the Institute

The Gallup Institute for Personal Freedom promotes self-determination and psychological well-being through counseling, education and advocacy and by equipping clients with positively-framed, solution-based tools for personal advancement.

Counseling clients who are motivated, eager to change, and committed to the work of improving their lives will find a strategic approach to taking charge of their present and future. They will acquire tools to celebrate their uniqueness, satisfy their hunger for personal growth, and chart their own course in life.

The Institute’s Counseling offerings include in-person counseling, phone counseling, and e-counseling. The Institute serves individuals, couples and families.

Educational offerings include a weekly blog, monthly newsletters and video seminars, in depth master classes, and other avenues for learning – all under the umbrella of personal freedom.

On the Advocacy level, the Institute is committed to promoting personal freedom through ongoing local and national outreach. Offering community-based talks, keynote seminars, and lectures and workshops by request, the Institute seeks to inspire people of all ages and across settings to live more liberated lives.