Become an Institute Member

Are you seeking a more liberated life? A life of passion, purpose and potential? Are you ready to break out and break free? Wanting to align yourself with others doing the same?

Become an Institute member and join like-minded people on the path to personal freedom. Learn practical tools for designing a life you can feel good about.

Membership Benefits

Depending on the level of membership you choose, from a low cost introductory membership to the highest tier, you will enjoy:

The Memberships

The Introductory Level

By joining the Institute at the Introductory level, you will be enrolled in My Path to Personal Freedom – a daily action step program. Each weekday you will receive insight and instruction aimed at helping you achieve personal freedom. Small steps are how we dig a new groove in this life. They’re how we create our new normal. Notice yourself feeling increasingly enlightened and emancipated with each passing day.

The Inspiration Level

Choose this level of membership and in addition to the Path to Personal Freedom program, you will receive a monthly newsletter, a 20-30 minute monthly video seminar, and access to all master classes. Each month, new themes will be highlighted, with tips, tools, words of inspiration, and skills-building exercises.

The Incentive Level

Choose the highest level of membership and in addition to the above-mentioned offerings, you will receive a monthly private coaching session.