Individuals who are motivated, eager to change, and committed to the work of improving their lives will find a strategic approach to taking charge of their present and future. They will acquire tools to celebrate their uniqueness, satisfy their hunger for personal growth, and chart their own course in life.

Counseling Services

Phone Counseling

Part of a growing trend in which counselors offer their services through this medium, Kingsley believes the telephone is a unique and powerful vehicle for change, the effectiveness of which is surprising to many skeptics.

Aspects of phone counseling that appeal to clients include privacy, anonymity, convenience and helpfulness.

Research has shown that phone counseling can be equally as effective as in-person therapy. For many it’s the preferable medium.


The same benefits clients experience from phone counseling – privacy, anonymity, convenience and effectiveness – also draw them to video counseling and counseling via email.

E-counseling is an online version of traditional counseling. Whether via skype or via detailed email exchanges, e-counseling can help with a variety of issues. It is not recommended, however, for issues requiring more intense support.

Similar to phone counseling, for the right person, this can be a wonderful fit.

Consulting Services

In addition to in-person, telephone and e-counseling, Kingsley offers her services on as-needed, consultation basis with focused, solution-oriented sessions.

Perhaps it’s a family issue, a loved one in trouble, a life transition of some kind, a need for direction, or a decision to be made.

Whatever the concern, we can all use some words of support here and there, as well as concrete tips and tools for managing life’s issues. We all need a little encouragement sometimes.

In Person Counseling

In addition to the services already mentioned, Kingsley provides in person counseling at her office in Kennebunk, Maine.

In her work with individuals and couples, Kingsley offers an integrated and customized approach, one which utilizes her signature Personal Freedom Therapy as well as many other modalities, all tailored to meet clients’ unique needs.

The Institute aims to be a place of learning and encouragement for the local community, hosting support groups and free seminars at its Kennebunk location as well.

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Kingsley’s Approach

Each of us is a unique and precious creation and because of it, cookie-cutter approaches to counseling simply don’t work. Kingsley’s style is personalized and flexible, tailored to meet her clients’ individual needs. Her technique is decidedly practical and proactive, offering real life solutions to real life challenges. “People make their way to me because they are looking for change in their lives”, Kingsley says, “and as I see it, they probably want to experience that change sooner rather than later!”

Using an integrative approach – blending cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, family systems, and experiential therapies, as well as psycho-education and alternative modalities – Kingsley aims to help clients break the bondage of the past, find freedom from dysfunctional living, reclaim self, and achieve the authenticity and abundance each of us deserves.

Kingsley’s counseling approach is solution-focused, as she co-participates with clients in finding unique and productive answers to life’s problems. Kingsley helps clients learn to come to their own assistance and to become advocates for themselves. She does so by enthusiastically advocating for and supporting her clients toward this end.

Kingsley’s objective is to help her clients move on – in other words, to no longer need her services. This, she believes, is the purpose of counseling: to help clients help themselves; to encourage, empower and equip. Her deliberate, hands-on approach reflects this philosophy.

“People can and do change. This I firmly believe. It is a pleasure and privilege walking alongside my clients as they become change agents in their own lives, as they navigate their way toward a more authentic and abundant tomorrow.”