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There comes a time when we can’t ignore ourselves any longer, when we have to make a decision to become the people we want to become, not who our histories said we were. The past will box us in if we let it. Old identities and outdated beliefs hold us back from stepping into the

Loving yourself is more than a warm fuzzy. Loving yourself is a very practical matter. Many of us look at self-love as indulgent and self-serving. We see it as a frivolous luxury, some fluffy undertaking meant to make us feel comfy inside. In reality, it’s serious business. Learning to love ourselves is about taking responsibility

Ever wonder why your spirit doesn’t feel entirely free? Why you feel burdened and held back? You likely have unfinished business. It might be a lingering resentment. And old hurt. A truth you never spoke. A right you never claimed. Whatever it is, it could be draining you, keeping you from stepping into the now.