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The day comes when we start asking questions. If we want to live authentic, empowered lives, we muster up courage, stop blindly accepting, and get curious about who we are at our core. To rely on others to tell you who you are is to relinquish your power. To accept a course others have charted

We think thoughts we don’t even like and then we wonder why our lives aren’t running smoothly. It’s our thinking. Early on in life, we had limited power over what we started telling ourselves and the beliefs we formed. We were sponges, absorbing messages from our environment. We formed a life script accordingly. Today you

Are there changes you’d like to make? Do you find yourself daunted by just how much change you believe is needed? I want you to try something. Draw a dot on a page. This represents where you are in your life right now. Now draw a line horizontally outward to the right and place another dot