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Have you lost touch with the dreamer within? Have you suppressed your passions for so long your light has become hidden? Do you tell yourself that dreaming is a frivolous luxury afforded only a few? There’s only one person who needs to believe in your dreams. There’s only one person who needs to be convinced

All too often we look outside ourselves to find what we have had within us all along. We look outside for direction, for fulfillment, for meaning, for our very identities. We look outside for a sense of worth and value. We look outside for self-love. We tell ourselves, on some subconscious level, we don’t have

Do you feel excited about life? Do you have a sense of inner enthusiasm and drive? If not, it’s time to find your passion. See what lights you up throughout the day. Don’t judge it, just notice it. A blue sky, a smile from a friend, a tasty meal, a creative endeavor, or maybe a satisfying experience

Try to be open to all experience. Not only what you “think” you want. Many of us over-script our lives. We attach ourselves to certain outcomes, feeling dismayed and defeated when our expectations are not met. We want what’s comfortable and expected. And when we don’t get it, we are disappointed, hurt, and resentful. But

Personal freedom is a pretty immense concept. But try not to be intimidated by the idea of it. Personal freedom doesn’t have to be big and bold. You can have moments of sweet freedom each and every day. Personal freedom is about breaking free. We can break free in all sorts of ways. Each and