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Many of us live zipped up lives. It’s an experience that has been described in all sorts of ways. Some say it’s like holding our breath. Some say it’s a feeling of containment and constriction. It can feel like living in a suit of armor, one in which we keep ourselves secure and protected. Bottom line,

We often let other people’s realities determine our own. If someone is sad, we feel sad. If someone is mad, we get mad. If someone does something immoral or unkind, it fires us up and robs us of our peace. If someone treats us poorly, we feel badly about ourselves for the rest of the

Living unapologetically means we allow ourselves to be fully authentic. We live from our core, completely congruently, the same inside as we are out. We walk in alignment with our true self, ever-connected with our sense of inherent worth and value.   We embrace our natural spontaneity and openness. We are liberated. We are real.

We all love freedom and we all want it. But, what exactly is it? Is it the right to choose? Is it the power to think for oneself? Is it inner peace and tranquility? Think about what freedom means to you. Define it for yourself. Reflect on your life’s journey, including past struggles, limitations, and