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Don’t wait for the ideal conditions in order to show up. Don’t wait for stars to be in perfect alignment in order to take action. Stop waiting for permission. Come to your own assistance now. We tend to postpone self-care. We delay our dreams. We put ourselves on hold, waiting for the right time to

Are you asking enough questions? One of the most powerful tools for feeling alive and actively engaged in life is curiosity. It keeps us alert, receptive, and hungry for life experience, eager to know and learn more. Too often we approach life with a “been there, done that” mindset, as if life is a book

Many of us live in fear of our individuality. We hide ourselves, deny our truth, and fight against who we are. Maybe when we were young we conformed. We told ourselves we had to. But is that what we should be telling ourselves today? Think about the messages you craved early on. They were likely

Amazing things happen when we change the way we look at things. You are your own change agent. You get to choose your perspective and in turn, how you experience and approach life. Only you know when you need that shift in perception. Only you know when change is needed. In every moment you can