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Many of us think we got shortchanged in the worth and value department. We see the worth and value in others, but we don’t see them in ourselves. If we ever had them, we think, they were lost along the way. Each of us comes into the world deserving. Each of us is worthy and

If you’re someone who doesn’t allow for your own imperfection, then it’s time to look at your relationship with guilt. Guilt can be healthy or toxic. Healthy guilt is important. It’s directional. It tells us about ourselves and our value system. It’s the emotion we feel because we have acted against our core beliefs and

Want a life you can feel good about? Then make your life a journey toward authenticity, a continual pursuit of personal truth. You are the expert on you. If you don’t think you are, become one. Only then can you follow your bliss. Only then can you know where your happiness is found. Only then

Are you holding onto something that isn’t serving you? Is it time to let go? We fool ourselves into thinking that holding on works for us. We cling to people, to patterns and habits, to familiar thoughts and opinions, to old reactions, to control, even to painful memories and resentments. We tell ourselves they provide